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Phine Dahle is an experienced therapist creating a warm, professional environment working from a Victorian town house in Portswood, Southampton.
Working one to one, with couples and groups. The practice also hosts workshops and runs events.
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I deal with issues such as: Stress. Bereavement. Relationship difficulties. Self esteem. Depression. Anger Management. Transitions. I.e.- 'Where do I go from here?'. A more comprehensive list can be seen here.

Why psychotherapy?

We know quite a lot about ourselves from the years we have lived, from the media and the growing body of knowledge of how we human beings ‘tick’.

But at times we have overwhelming challenges to deal with, relationship difficulties, feelings and behaviours we find hard to manage or grief from a bereavement or loss, maybe reaching a turning point or transition and not knowing how to take the next step or not knowing what that step might be...etc At times like this we may need to talk to an independent other person, to explore our concerns… More

About me
Ongoing Professional Development

I have been practicing as a psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor for over 25 years, also as a trainer in counselling, assertiveness and communication skills.
Previous to that I was a teacher working in schools and the community - the 'fringes' of education and special needs, adult literacy, numeracy, second language, family work (parents and pre-school children).
I loved this work but had a strong desire to develop my knowledge and deepen my experience and so I decided to retrain to be a psychotherapist.

My journey as a psychotherapist has also been a very personal one. Originally in therapy myself, I found such benefits that I decided that this was what I wanted to do professionally... More

How I support myself in my work.

To do the work I love properly and with care, I must have appropriate support, so I can make and maintain appropriate boundaries.

For twenty five years or more I have been attending ongoing groups and individual sessions both personal and professional. These have over the years become a solid, strong and wonderful part of my community and my life.

I have always had a great curiosity and wanted to learn about the world we live in, about myself and others and how we are with ourselves and each other. This challenge keeps me feeling alive... More

Ongoing Women's Group  

Ongoing Somatic Emotional Exercise class
Work Supervision Groups
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Polyvagal Theory & Somatic Dialogue
Connecting Mind and Body
Weekend residential with Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann

Owing to Covid–19 this residential will be rescheduled

See the Residential page for more information here.

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