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Stress & Self Management Workshop
Forming a Personal Life
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Individual sessions


Friday 21st. 7- 9pm.

Saturday 22nd. 9.30 - 5pm.

Friday 21st and Sunday 23rd. (am)

The Elizabeth House Hotel
42-44 The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XP
Tel and fax : (023) 80224 327
(Wheelchair accessible)

Gerhard Zimmermann has been coming to Southampton from Mainz, Germany to share his knowledge and experience for 24 years!

About the Seminar

Unmanaged excitation and muscular tension, which we experience as stress, can lead to the development of a variety of symptoms and diseases such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, eczema, anxiety disorders and depression.
It brings tremendous relief to experience that a stress pattern has a function and is not just ‘bad’. Acknowledging our personal way of reacting to stress helps to adjust and recalibrate our behaviour in a non-judgmental manner in order to be able to respond differently in similar situations in the future. Personal space creates an inner dialogue and a reflexive capacity that facilitates the adaptation and differentiation of our behaviour. It guides the client to his own felt insights, rather than imposing ‘you must’ solutions. With Personal Space we enter into a transformative state, a relational field that creates warmth and allows novel behaviours to appear that can be shaped into an individual response. More flexibility and a structured way to self-regulation are part of the process.
As a result we perceive conflicts or stressful situations with a greater distance and improved self-regulation. Personal space often leads to an inner calm and a deep and very satisfying self-contact.
The seminar will give you a more theoretical framework for the experiential approach of the workshop including the neurobiology of learning, emotional memory and behaviour.

The Workshop 
We learn how to dialogue with the body to influence and differentiate thinking, feeling and personal behaviour. In using the Personal Space Practice we learn ways to regulate ourselves under stress, to reduce symptoms and feelings of helplessness and to organise a more emotionally integrated way of acting and living a personal life. Life transitions and crises can be used as a challenge to form new personalised answers and to grow a warm, more accepting relationship to our self and others.

Professional Group
The professional group explores the concepts and application of Formative Psychology in more detail.
We meet Friday 21st April @ 3pm for 3.30-5.30pm at SCPP, 88 Gordon Ave, Southampton SO14 6W.
Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann  
An experienced medical doctor working in the field of behavioural medicine, he runs a private practice in Mainz, combining his medical knowledge with psychotherapeutic approaches. He trained in Gestalt and Behavioural Psychotherapy and for the past 20 years has studied extensively with Stanley Keleman, founder of Formative Psychology at Centre for Energetic Studies, Berkeley, California.

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Seminar & workshop: £170
Seminar: £35
(a non refundable deposit of £70 will reserve your place)

For more information and to book your place, please contact:
Phine Dahle at Southampton Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
Email: or &