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Phine Dahle is an experienced therapist creating a warm, professional environment working from a Victorian town house in Portswood, Southampton.
Working one to one, with couples and groups. The practice also hosts workshops and runs events.

Ongoing Professional Development
How I support myself in my work.

To do the work I love properly and with care, I must have appropriate support, so I can make and maintain appropriate boundaries. For twenty five years or more I have been attending ongoing groups and individual sessions both personal and professional. These have over the years become a solid, strong and wonderful part of my community and my life.

I have always had a great curiosity and wanted to learn about the world we live in, about myself and others and how we are with ourselves and each other. This challenge keeps me feeling alive.

...I travel regularly to Germany and the US, and have done for the past twenty years, to have the privilege of working with Stanley Keleman, following his amazing fascinating and life enhancing work, and working with him in workshops and individually.

I have for the past thirty years travelled on a regular basis to the Spectrum Centre for Humanistic Psychotherapy based in North London, founded thirty Years ago by Jenner Roth and Terry Cooper. There I have attended therapy, supervision and a variety of fascinating, interesting life altering workshops and groups both personal and professional.

I became accredited through Spectrum 20 years ago, an accrediting body through the United Kingdom for Psychotherapy. The work I have done with them over the years has had a massive effect on how I’ve increasingly chosen to live and take charge of my life. I have enormous respect for how they work on and support themselves; how uncomfortable feelings and situations are dealt with, worked on, spoken about, shared. I have been challenged many a time over the years and have learned a great deal about myself and others as a result. This is a rare and unique professional community.

Ten Years Five Centres, headed by Terry Cooper Spectrum Co founder and Director, formed The Spectrum Associated Centres, and we have met two to three times yearly to support each other and share our work values and beliefs.

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