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Phine Dahle is an experienced therapist creating a warm, professional environment working from a Victorian town house in Portswood, Southampton.
Working one to one, with couples and groups. The practice also hosts workshops and runs events.
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Why psychotherapy?

We know quite a lot about ourselves from the years we have lived, from the media and the growing body of knowledge of how we human beings ‘tick’.

But at times we have overwhelming challenges to deal with, relationship difficulties, feelings and behaviours we find hard to manage or grief from a bereavement or loss, maybe reaching a turning point or transition and not knowing how to take the next step or not knowing what that step might be...etc At times like this we may need to talk to an independent other person, to explore our concerns…

Talking is important, and it is not enough. We are mind body and spirit, conscious and unconscious, and we must involve all of us to influence and change patterns of behaviour or thoughts and feelings that don’t work for us any more, or are getting in the way of living a satisfying life. In finding out more about how we speak to ourselves, and influencing our inner body dialogue through learning to do simple personalised somatic emotional exercises, we can with some effort make changes. We have the potential to repair difficult relationships, have a more satisfying relationship to ourselves and others and be more able to prioritise and make better choices for ourselves in life.

The past has shaped us to be who we are today, some of that genetic, which we really cannot do much about, the rest personal and social, internal and external. By this I mean internal organismic ‘happenings’, or people and events outside of us over which we have little or no control, having an influence on how we think, feel and behave.

Over time and with growing trust, in a confidential, warm supportive and at times gently challenging setting, it is possible to make changes and develop new, different and more satisfying choices, thereby increasing confidence and self esteem, and giving ourselves the experience of both being and feeling more in charge of ourselves and our life.

We are clay

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