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The residential has been postponed owed to Covid-19. Please do sign up for our mailing list and we will let you know the new dates.
Polyvagal Theory & Somatic Dialogue
Connecting Mind and Body
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Date: To be announced
Combe Grove Hotel, Bath, BA2 7HU (Google map link)

Comb Grove Hotel Comb Grove Pool Comb Grove Living Room

The Seminar will give you a more theoretical framework for the experiential approach of the Workshop, including the neurobiology of learning, emotional memory, and how to address behavioural issues and traumatic experiences. Dr Zimmermann will focus on how to influence behaviours resulting from defensive states of the autonomic nervous system.

The Workshop
Emotional experiences are stored as body maps. Under certain circumstances these old body maps can be triggered and can cause stress and a dysregulated autonomic nervous system. The consequence is a loss of vitality and reduced life energy. At the same time the emotional balance suffers and the susceptibility for all kinds of diseases is increased.
The somatic emotional dialogue which includes all senses is a way to learn how to respond to stressful life phases. It leads to personal growth and a sense of influence over ourselves and our body processes. The somatic emotional dialogue requires a feeling of safety and a friendly contact with our own body.
When we are well connected to our body we are able to reduce defensive behaviours and become more open to our present reality. In a state of safety simple experiential exercises are able to mobilize habitual behaviours and help to reshape basic stress patterns. The exercises create a new perspective and support emotional learning. A space for positive experiences is created. New neural maps can form and stabilise. As a result, we feel more alive and empowered to live a more personal and meaningful life in the present. Overall health can improve considerably.

Professional Group
The professional group explores the concepts and application of Formative Psychology in more details. We will meet on Friday 8th May at 3pm for 3.30-5.30pm.

Dr. Med. Gerhard Zimmermann is an experienced medical doctor and Psychotherapist working in the field of behavioural medicine. He runs a private practice in Mainz, combining his medical knowledge with psychotherapeutic approaches. He also trained in gestalt and Behavioural Psychotherapy.

£500 for the Seminar and Workshop – deposit £150.  The price for the Residential includes:

  • seminar with new information on the polyvagal theory and somatic dialogue
  • workshops throughout the day on Saturday and on Sunday morning (TBC)
  • two nights’ accommodation in a single or double private room
  • all organic, vegetarian food and drink for the weekend
  • opportunities for retreat and relaxation in beautiful and peaceful surroundings
  • more time for personal work

A printable PDF poster for the event is available to download here.

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For more information and to book your place, please contact:
Phine Dahle at Southampton Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice
Email: or call her on 023 8032 0097

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